Baby Baphomet - Rouge

Crochet Doll


Hand Made in Brazil in support of a Master Crochet Doll Maker

We have an exclusive deal with this Master Crochet Maker to produce them for our brand.

Baby Baphomet - Rouge

  • This is a PRE-ORDER item. These dolls are produced by a Master Crochet Doll maker in Brazil. This site supports the artist and has a unique collaboration with the doll maker to produce and ship dolls for us to distribute and sell.

    These dolls are not yet produced. These listings are often updated to reflect any that are IN-STOCK or not yet available. The intention of the PRE-ORDER is for anyone who wants a specific color or doll design to place their order while we await for the doll maker to complete the orders and ship them.

    Please keep in mind that upon placing an order, it can take 6-8 weeks maximum. This includes the time it takes to produce each doll, by hand, by one person, in Brazil and the time it takes to ship to the U.S. and shipped to you. 

    PRE-ORDERS are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any dolls available after the PRE-ORDER offer can be refundable. Pre-Orders are for designated buyers who commit to buying them before they arrive. This site will offer more for inventory purposes but not every listing will be stocked. ALL PRE-ORDERS WILL BE EVENTUALLY FULFILLED and some extras dolls will be added to our inventory for sale.

    If you have any questions regarding this process. Please contact us before you make a payment.

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