Pentagram - Black/Purple



We took our Signature Color theme and applied this concept to new colors.

Now we introduce a Black Metal with Purple


Measurements: 1.5 inch diameter


Stainless Steel 316L - Surgical Steel, plated in Black with a Red resin that is baked to the metal. 


In some of the earliest forms of Wicca, the Pentagram was taken as a symbol for the first or most basic degree of the Craft. The symbol for the third or most advanced degree included the Inverted Pentagram

Pentagram - Black/Purple

  • This is a PRE-ORDER item in the form of our version of a CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN.

    All funds collected for THIS item will be solely for the production of this item. By purchasing this item PRE-ORDER, it will assist us in funding the production and helps us know how much to produce to meet demand. 

    There are NO refunds for this PRE-ORDER purchase. If you decide you no longer want the item after payment is made, we can provide you a STORE CREDIT for a future purchase. 

    If this item is not launched by May due to low demand or delay in production, you will be contacted. Late productions will still meet demand and your order will ship when it becomes available as soon as possible. You can request STORE CREDIT at any time if you have a change of heart.

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